Baked Chicken Cake with spicy orange ( Ambuldodam) salsa
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This is a Appetizer,i like to do it in  east west combination in this recipe.steamed chicken cake, i made with mustered flavored,and orange and tampala leaves mixed with spring onion will give more appetizing.i used fresh ingredient which you can find very easily in sri lanka.and healthy recipe, ideal for dinner.


Total Time:
       40 min
       2o min
       20 min
4 potions


  1. Take a bowl,add minced chicken,cream,eggs and all other ingredients and mixed together
  2. Heat the oven in to 200 c,take a baking tray,add all mixture in to the tray,and cook in the oven for 30 minutes.
  3. meanwhile you can make the spicy salsa.
  4. take a bowl,and all ingredient and mixed together add seasoning ,stor  in cool place.

There are few think you have to keep in mind.about the temperature of the oven,if the top of the cake get dark  in color.please cover with aluminum foil and cook it.

Other point is first you chopped the thampala leaves and blanch for second.

you can cut the cake in to any shape.i have used flower cutter here.still you are free do any type.

please you have to serve hot,you can keep salsa in room temperature.and make the potion small.because this is just a appetizer,

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