Braised Rice from Sri lanka
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Braised Rice very easy recipe.and you can make with lot of flavors.Famous in asia. sri lankan do cook rice for all there three meals.and sri lankan used of spices for this.and even sri lankan biriyani rice do this recipe.ler time consuming,will give you advantage on your work,this will ideal for as a accompaniment for Chicken masala.


Total Time:
            30 min
            10 min
            20 min
3 potions


  1. heat the pan,add ghee oil,meanwhile was the rice and sock for 5 minutes.
  2. add all ingredients to pot and saute for few minutes
  3. add the raw samba rice in to the pan.add sufficient water,cook the rice in slow fire.
  4. for nearly 20 minutes.close with the lid and let it be some more time.
  5. serve hot,garnish with coriander if necessary

reduce to heat when the rice cook half.and simmer in slow fire.if the rice got burn,sorry you cant use the rice to be aware of it.cut the vegetable bit thin

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