Passion fruit custerd with fried Bananas
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 This dessert is combination of hot and cold,This is a ideal recipe for tropical country like Sri lanka.and low coasted can make at home very easily.and tropical fruits will enhance the flavor.You can find ingredients so easy in local market.enjoy my recipe and get us the comments


Total Time:
              30 min
              15  min
              15 min
3 potions


  1. take the pulp in to a bowl.add sugar and mixed it.then add gelatin in to that.allow to cool in a tray.
  2. mean wile heat the oil.
  3. Dip the sliced banana in the better,an deep fried foe 1 minute.
  4. take the set passion pulp tray.cut in to rectangle,keep on the plate.
  5. keep the layer on the plate.and after keep the fried bananas on the passion fruit.
  6. cover the banana from a another layer.
  7. topped with the chocolate sauce

This is my own creation.and something new to our plate.and still possible to use any other flavor not use much gelatine.if used extra gelatin then will be more Hard too.

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