Grilled stuffed Fish with sweet chilli sauce
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Fish dashers are the most famous meals in sri lanka.All most every home fill there meats with fish dashers.stuffed fish dish is something new to all my fans.ideal for dinner,and  do your own creations.



Total Time:
            40  min
            20 min
           20 min
3 potions


  1. Mixed the jullan of vegetables together,and keep the paste separate.
  2. take the fish fillet,season it,
  3. place the filling in the middle of the fish fillet,and roll carefully. and put tooth pic.
  4. allow to keep in the cool place.
  5. meanwhile make the sauce.
  6. heat the pan,add chopped onion garlic and saute .
  7. add other ingredient together,add the fish stock and bring it to boil.simmer.
  8. add cornstarch,and thick the sauce if necessary.
  9. Heat a another pan again, add some oil,pan fry the  stuffed roll for 3 minutes both sides.
  10. serve with the sauce.

you can serve the sauce separate too.still you can do your own creation for the stuffing,try to get boneless fillets.even if you want can poach as well.

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