Pumpkin and fried wonton soup
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This is a creation of east west combination.pumpkin with wonton is lovely.easy recipe.just something new in soup preparing.Ideal for dinner.and healthy meal.pumpkin always give the thickness to the soup.and it take the watery flavor because of the fried wonton.

  • 200 g pumpkin
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 small stick of celery
  • 50 g of vegetable filling for wantons
  • 400 ml vegetable stock
  • 50 ml fresh cream
  • 100 ml oil
  • 2 tsp chopped parsley for garnish
  • salt and pepper for garnish

Total Time:
           25 min
           15 min
           10 min
6 potions


  1. Saute onion,garlic and celery.add the pumpkin and stir it
  2. add the vegetable stock,bring to to boil and simmer it until pumpkin cooked
  3. Take off the fire,allow to cool.
  4. meanwhile take the vegetable filled wontons,deep dried and keep a side.
  5. Bland the soup,bring the soup back on the the stove.
  6. add cream and simmer for another few minutes.
  7. season ,garnish with chipped parsley.
  8. pour the soup into the bowl.and keep the wonton on middle

Serve the soup hot.and do not keep fried wonton in the soup.i want to serve the crispy wanton.then only it make real rech and quality.do not make soup so thick,new trend id to make light soup.and if you want please use same carrots and potatoes.but i used here only pumpkin.because i want to enhance the pumpkin

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