Thai Style Spring Rolls with spicy tomato Dip
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This is a easy to make healthy recipe. Ideal for dinner with light soup. Kids love to have this. Depending on your taste you can make the filling spicy . I use out of the box innovative ideas to my cooking, so I’m going to dip spring rolls in a batter before frying. Spring rolls are mainly a starter in set menus. Enjoy and get your comments going for the recipe.



Total Time:
            15 min
           10 min
              5 min
       8 potions


  1. Take a bowl, add all ingredients in to it and mixed well. Add seasoning too.
  2. Using spring roll paper, make the roll and set aside. (Make sure to cover the side ends so filling won’t go out when frying)
  3. Heat the oil, then dip it in the batter one by one and deep fry it.
  4. Served with spicy sauce.


Because spring roll paper is made so this, it can burn quickly. Make sure you take it out from the oil soon as it is cooked. Use fish sauce if possible. it will give a apatite to the food. Serve with some salad. Salad always act as a side dish will give an added richness to the food.

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