Saute Pork with Mushrooms and Black pepper
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pork is famous as a quick bite.and many pork dishes make one of hit among the young generation.but i would say it contain so much of oil.but in here i have used the pork loin.and saute pork with mushroom will be easy and  ideal for your fun time day outings.I recommended only as a side dish to the main.ideal for Dinner.

Total Time:
              20 min
                 8 min
               12 min
3 potions


  1.  take a bowl.mixed all ingredients together.take the sliced pork rub with the marination.
  2. Heat the pan,add oil in to it,add the pork and cook for 5 minutes each side.
  3. you will see nice golden color pork in the pan.take the pork out of the stove
  4. Remove from the pan,take the same pan,heat it again,add few drops of oil in to it.
  5. add the mushrooms in to the pan.cook it for 3 minutes,add chicken stock,and simmer for another 2 minutes.
  6. then add the cooked pork in to the pan and mixed it well.
  7. you will see nice Golden brown dish

Here i have used mushrooms,but you can used apples as well for set of chicken stock ,possible to use some white wine also.Make sure do not burn the pan which you cook pork,cos you have to use the same pan to do the sauce.

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