Tropical fruits From Sri lanka
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Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan & Philliphines. The normal tree grows upto 35- 40Mtrs tall. The fruit takes 3 – 6 months to ripen. Mangoes have been cultivated in south asia for thousand of years and reached east asia between the fifth & fourth centuries.
This is generally a sweet fruit, some mangoes have a soft pulpy texture, while others are firmer like an avocado or may have fibrous texture.
the mango skin can be consumed comfortably if pickled or cooked. The ripe fruit is commonly eaten fresh.
Mango is a fruit used widely in cuisines. Sour, unripe mangoes can be used in chutney, pickles or side dishes or may be have eaten raw with salt & chilli. The popular south asia drink ” Mango Lassi” is made by mixing ripe mango or mango pulp with butter milk & sugar.


The banana plant is the largest flowering plant. Its normally tall, sturdy and oftenly mistaken for a tree. Each plant can produce only a single bunch of banana & then the tree dies. The tree does not produce anymore.
South East Asia, is the region of primary diversity of the bananas, areas of secondary diversity are found in africa, indicating a long history of banana cultivation in the region.
The banana flesh can vary in taste from starcy to sweet & a bit sour. Texture could be firm to mushy. Bananas are eaten deep fried, baked with skin in a split bamboo or steamed in glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. Many dishes can be created with banana. Banana jam, banana pan cakes are popular among the south & south east asians. the banana leaf is used as an ecologically friendly disposable plate or food container in asian countries.


This fruit originates from the state of “Puebla” Mexico. An undomesticated variety of fruit is small with dark green skin and contains a seed inside.
This is a climacteric fruit, which means it matures on the tree. Avocado contains a higher fat content than any other fruit. This fruit is not sweet but has a rich and distinctly yet subtly flavor and smooth as almost a creamy texture. This fruit can be used in salads & sweet dishes.

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