Celebrity Chef Duminda really knows how to blend flavours and textures
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Review of food at Mayurana Villa

The food really was the highlight of our visit to Mayurana Villa.  A true fine dining experience.

We were expecting to find the usual fusion food (or confusion food as we call it) where there’s always a piece of green chilli hiding amongst the ingredients just waiting to jump out and bite you.  Not so at Mayurana Villa.

We had a five course lunch.  Five courses?  At lunchtime?  Don’t panic.  Each course was small, but just the right size to be satisfying and there was plenty of freshly baked bread on the table.

We had vegetable spring roll to start with, followed by sautéed calamari with mandarin, barley broth with roasted coconut, chicken in red wine with pumpkin mash and mixed vegetables.  And to top it off…  chocolate and ginger crumble.  Everything was cooked to perfection and beautifully presented.

In house celebrity chef Duminda really knows how to blend flavours and textures so that all the ingredients can be tasted without one ingredient overpowering the rest.

We will definitely be back for more.


Anne Morton

19 July 2012


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