All Good Thinks Come To Those Who Preservers .
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by Nancy Fernando on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 5:51pm

Once upon a time, in a village deep south in an Island called Sri Lanka, a little boy was born.  His grand parents were well to do but his parents and their siblings squandered their inheritance and so little Gamunu had a tough life right from the start. However this little boy was very ambitious and was determined to make something of himself, something big, something outstanding. When he grew up he decided to go into the hospitality business, so he made his way to Colombo and got a job washing dishes in a restraunt. He collected enough money to go to one of the schools of hospitality in Colombo. He suffered much as he could not speak English and all the boys and girls shunned him, but he was determined to show his calibre by studying hard and working in the evenings to supplement his income. He got through his first year in the school of hospitality with flying colours but unfortunately he had not enough money to go into the second year. Ganumu then left for the middle east where he worked for a year, collected enough money to finish the second and third year of his Diploma course. Off he went again this time to a hotel in  Dubai and there he worked under western chefs and learnt a lot from them. Meanwhile he studied the Engish language and though he could not write down his thoughts well he could make himself understood in good grammatical english. When he came home the second time he bought himself a piece of land and built a house for his parents. He then left to work in a luxury liner and improved himself even more and on one of his vacations he came home to get married. He now has his own website, does cookery demonstrations on Sri Lankan TV and once a month has a  whole page devoted to his cooking in one of the Sinhala newspapers. He has mixed with top brass in the military and even got an award from them for helping them when they were in desperate need for help in clearing a mess they got into and then was there to feed  four thousand people. He is at the prime of his life at the age of 35years and I wish him the best of luck for the future and  I promised him I  will be keeping watch on his future activites with keen interest



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