Saute Spicy Bottle Gourd
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This is not a curry.Chef used this as accompaniment for the main dish.but even you can use as side dish for the rice and curry this recipe we are done small modification with our killing the flavor of the Bolttle gord.easy prep will reduce the time of your.try and give us your lovely comment.


Total Time:
            10 min
              5 min
              5 min
2 potions


  1. Clean the bottle gord and cut in the rings.please remove the outer skin slowly.
  2. heat the oil,add onion,garlic and ginger,saute for 1 minute.
  3. add the bottle gord and mixed slowly.
  4. add fresh cream and simmer for 2 minutes,
  5. add salt and pepper ,finally add butter and make the this gravy in to smooth.

please take very young and tender bottle have milk test.when you choose bottle gord be very cairfull to take fresh and young ones,this is not a do not use any coconut here.

Cook in very slow fire.if you want all some crushed pepper,

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