Chana Dhal and Carrot soup with feta Cheese
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This is our new creation which is prepared in to Asian style.we use chana dhal here.and this is light soup.mostly in my recipes we are very much of concern on healthy food.easy recipe always help to minimize the time.enjoy the recipe.


Total Time:
               25 min
               15 min
               10 min
3 potions


  1. saute onion and garlic,add boiled lentil in to it.
  2. add the stock,fallow by vegetable s diced carrots.and celery.
  3. bring it to boil,simmer for nearly 6 minutes.add seasoning
  4. mean wile take the toast,cut in to round the shape.make a feta cheese dumplings,arrange on the top of the toast bread.
  5. and garnish with grekins.
  6. you can serve this in the soup or separately.

this is a light having my toast garnish the flavor of the soup will be balance.cook the chana dhal spatially.because when it cook it will get cloudy.i dont want to make a cloudy soup.i want to make a very clear broth.

If you want still possible to make chicken stock in to the soup.Chef’s point is this is a full vegetarian meal.but still you have possibility to  the changers.

Better if you can soak Chana dhal for 4 minimize the cooking time.

possible to use more chill pieces , but not chilli powder

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