Lemon Cream with Dried fruits
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This is a easy and quick dessert.easy to make,fine for all ages.and dry fruit give the wonderful richness to the  dessert. kids love this.so smooth.and you can serve this is hot and cold.can do many presantaion styles. try and get us your  comment  here.
Total Time:
             40 min
              15 min
              25 min
6 potion


  1. Put the cream into a lined saucepan with the sugar, lemon peel and isinglass, and simmer these over a gentle fire for about ten minutes, stirring them all the time. Strain the cream into a basin, add the yolks of eggs, which should be well beaten, and put the basin into a saucepan of boiling water; stir the mixture one way until it thickens, but do not allow it to boil; take it off the fire and keep stirring it until nearly cold. Strain the lemon juice into a basin, gradually pour on it the cream, and stir it well until the juice is well mixed with it. Have ready a well-oiled mold, pour the cream into it, and let it remain until perfectly set. When required for table, loosen the edges with a small blunt knife, put a dish on the top of the mold, turn it over quickly, and the cream should easily
  2. Pare into one quart of boiling water the peels of four large lemons, the yellow outside only; let it stand for four hours; then take them out and add to the water the juice of the four lemons and one cupful of fine white sugar. Beat the yolks of ten eggs and mix all together; strain it through a piece of lawn or lace into a porcelain lined stewpan; set it over a slow fire; stir it one way until it is as thick as good cream, but do not let it boil; then take it from the fire, and, when cool, serve in custard cups.
  3. Peel three lemons and squeeze out the juice into one quart of milk. Add the peel; cut in pieces and cover the mixture for a few hours; then add six eggs, well beaten, and one pint of water, well sweetened. Strain and simmer over a gentle fire till it thickens; do not let it boil. Serve very cold

  4. Add dried fruit to lemon cream and mixed before you put it in to the refrigeration.

Your have to use yellow big lemon in to this.there are some lemon cant use for this dessert.and use quilt cream in to this dessert.

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