Fresh Vegatable Salad
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chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-spicy-herb-and -vegetable-salad

Fresh salad always make key roll in our meal.In a Dinner this is will be ideal as a side dis,even you can have this salad as stater.many people love to have salad like this.crispy tossed salad make my day fill.sri lankan love to have salads in there rice and curried.healthy meal.lets try this recipe.waiting for your comments.

Total Time:
            15 min
              5 min
6 potions


  1. Cut all vegetable in to jullienne.and keep a side.
  2. Take a another Bowl,add all ingredients below for dressing.
  3. mixed it and keep in a refrigerator
  4. Mean wile take all cut vegetables.mixed well.finally tossed with the vegetables and serve

never keep long time once you tossed the salad.or stll you can send the salad dressing separately.use crispy lettuce for the can wash and put in to the refrigerator to get the crispy.

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