Strawberry Canapes on savory Biscuits
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This is a norther easy finger food to all our fans.this is ideal for evening set of Cake.strawberry mousse on savory biscuit will give you great easy preparation,in a quick tea,a small creation like this make mo interesting. let’s see the our chef’s recipe.

Total Time:
              15 min
              10 min
                5 min
2 potions


  1. Take bowl,whipped the cream in to a smooth puff.
  2. Chopped the strawberry ,put the strawberry in to the whipped cream and pink coloring too.
  3. mixed it well.
  4. Take the biscuits ,pipe the strawberry flavored whipped cream on it.
  5. allow to be in the refrigerator for few minutes,and garnish with mint leaves.

this is one of easy not make big.make it small as in the pic.this is only for not pip the mousse long before the will be a reason get soke the biscuit.

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