Dhal and Vegetable Salad with Coriander
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This is ideal salad for all Asian plate.easy recipe ideal for lunch.in a hot sunny day this is ideal.served cold.and with the dhal and vegetable give the healthiness.and herbs play major role in here.ideal to used as stater on a set menu.try our Chef Duminda’s recipe.

Total Time:
            25 min
            15 min
            10 min
3 potions


  1. Boil the dhall and keep a side,meanwhile cut cucumber and carrots,potatoes in to dices.
  2. Boil the carrot and potatoes
  3. take a bowl,add dhal,potato and all other ingredients in to it.
  4. add chilli,fish sauce and olive oil and toss the salad,
  5. if necessary add salt and pepper,
  6. add the fresh herbs last minute just before the service.

do not over cook the dhal,cook dhal half.if you mix the herb early then the freshness of the herb and the quality will go off. mixed at the last minute.this is served cold.soon as you take the dhall off from the stove,please keep in a cold place.

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