Chicken & Vegetable Stuffed Pita Roll with thai curry sauce
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 This is a easy and quick preparation.and create your own filling.only think filling should be bland with the a busy lunch this will be ideal.pita bread give the confederate in to the meal.this is a balance meal.we give you our recipes with out MSG.and this is prepared under slow food a day you can try clean and good food on your table.enjoy our Master Chef Duminda’s Recipe.


Total Time:
             30  min
               15 min
              10 min
3 potions


  1. add some oil,and saute garlic,onion and cumin for few seconds.
  2. fallow the chicken in to it.cook for few minutes and add the vegetable and saute for some time.
  3. add some coriander leaves and mixed it,correct with salt and pepper.take off the fire.
  4. take the pita bread,and keep the stuffing in the middle and roll  it as on the picture.and keep a side.
  5. take a pan,add some onion in to it ,saute for few minutes until golden brown
  6. add the thai curry paste and add the coconut cream and cook for few minute in slow fire.
  7. take the rolled pita and sliced the way you want,and put the hot sauce on the top.
  8. garnish with tomatoes and coriander on top.

this is made in to asian style.if you want still possible to use some cream sauce on not mash vegetable while cooking.the vegetable should be crispy.and when you rest the rolled pita. store in a warm it will remain the warmness in the dish.served warm.

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