Chef Duminda’s Interview by French Media @ Terra Madre Turin,Italy 2012
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This is a Inter wive with Chef Duminda by Agency France Press at terra Madre ,Salon del Gusto 2012 ,Torino,Italy.

This is conducted by two journalists from the Agency France – Press  Name call Sonia Logre-Grezzi ( for the TV) and Amelie Herenstein at selon del Gusto 2012.

Chef Duminda Prepared steamed kurakkan roll with vegetable with chicken Chat Roast at the event terra Madre kitchen with help of youth slow food lovers.


Hi Chef Duminda we are from AFP (Agency France – Press) Glade to have small Interview  with you.

Chef Duminda

ya fine…which way I can help you.


Can you tell something about what you prepared today

Chef Duminda-

yes…This is spicy marinated chicken and cooked for a long time in a slow fire. and this is some Sri lanak style of dish we cooked in a clay pot. and in a slow fire chicken get cooked by it own juice. By adding slow fire in to this will cook slowly for nearly 45 minutes. And stir time to time. it is similar in western cooking the method of brazing.

And the Steam roll with vegetable you will able to get the recipe by visiting to


What do you think about the Event of Salon del Gusto terra madre 2012

Chef Duminda -  This is my 1st visit to this event. and I’m so happy with the concept and happy to see large community working on to slow food movement in the world. and this is a really nice concept and need full  effort to all of us to serve to feature generations

AFP – How about  Slow food Movement in Sri Lanka..

Chef Duminda – ya it’s good to see.lot of people get use to know this and they are interested on this. and sir lankan slow food convivum do a lot to spared out in the country. Hope will get more actives in feature and sri lanka will be one of main country function slow food movement

AFB- Finally tell us what is your plans about in feature to slow food movement.

Chef Duminda-

as a Chef I’m  so happy to come to here and share my knowledge in international stage. and im going to take this massage to all sri lankn people how important to eat good clean and fair food.we are a country use lot of MSG and GMO.and im going to stop using all artificial thinks and im going to use only fresh and natural thinks in my food. And I hope to open a  new chapter in my life as one of Signature Chef For Slow food Cooking.

This is a need full in this country now. as a sri lankan so happy to keep a step for the next growing concept in the world.


Thank you Chef Duminda for a small interview and we wish you the success of the your plans in Feature events.

Chef Duminda –

Thank you so much for Inviting Me …give the best update of my events to AFB..Thanks Once again.



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