Poached Roll white fish with jullian of Vegetables
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This is one of famous recipe in Europe,call fish popiette.and we can try very easily this type of recipes in sri lanka.sri lanka is a Island find lot of fresh white and red fish through out the year. good and healthy recipe.use white fish fillet on this.Paraw,white flying fish,is ideal for this recipe.enjoy our chef’s recipe.

Total Time:
            35 min
            20 min
             10 min
2 potions


  1. sliced the fish fillet and season with salt and pepper and keep a side.
  2. Meanwhile cut the vegetable in to thin strips.
  3. keep the vegetable on the middle of the fish slice and roll it.tide up with a twin tried
  4. take a another pan add some fish stock  in to it.and poach the fish for 3 minutes.take from the fire and keep separately.
  5. meanwhile keep a pan on the stove,add few drops of oil,saute some onion and garlic,
  6. add saffron site for a wile,fallow with fish stock,finish with  coconut milk
  7. finally add the chopped coriander leaves on top.

when u add the coconut milk,be careful not to boil,it will Cordell the  sauce.you are free to add more chilli in to the sauce.and always use fresh white fish.do not fis color the vegetable.do not cook fish more then 5 minutes..it will be over cooked and brack.

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