The Global Slow Food network Celebrates “Eating Locally” at Galle,Sri lanka
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Chef Duminda and team celebrate the Terra madre 2012 at villa mayurana,and this is a traditional event  and traditional sri lankan cooking festival at Galle.Chef Duminda prepaid traditional food and presented  to the group of Europeans and knowledge them with real sri lankan food,  world famous sri lankan spices make the dishes more interested and aromatic.enjoy the pictures of the event

here some more about the terra madre day which send by the slow food international to Media.

The global Slow Food network celebrates “Eating Locally” on December 10

Communities around the world are celebrating local and sustainable food this December 10, in Slow Food’s fourth Terra Madre Day. In 2011 almost 200,000 people in 125 countries across five continents participated in over 1,000 individual events to protect, enjoy and promote food from small-scale farmers and producers.

Celebrations are taking place on farms and in homes, in restaurants, schools and communities, in cities and in rural areas – all diverse and reflecting their unique location and food culture.

We are celebrating Terra Madre Day in our region [insert your town/city/suburb here] on December xx by [insert the details of your event here].

Our Terra Madre Day celebration joins hundreds of events around the world in an important symbolic moment, encouraging the work being done at the local level to build a sustainable, local food system and demonstrating the diversity of communities all around the world who are part of this global network striving for a better food future.

To browse the hundreds of events happening around the world on Terra Madre Day, visit the world map on the website:

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that works to promote food that is good – a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet which links to our local culture, clean – produced with respect for environmental and human health, and fair –providing fair conditions for small producers and accessible prices for consumers. Slow Food International was founded officially on December 10, 1989 and today the association has grown to include over 100,000 members in 160 countries. The Terra Madre network was launched by Slow Food in 2004 and now counts more than 2,000 food communities, cooks, educators and youth.