Chef Duminda @ Healthy Kitchen with CSN Tv Channel
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This was a program done for CSN - Healthy Kitchen by the most popular our well known chef Duminda.

Here on this program our chef shares his knowledge with all who love cooking.  He points out the fact of preparing healthy food rather less with taste. Nowadays we often see and hear of artificial flavors mixed in our daily food.. such as MSG(mono sodium glutamate) & GMO(genitically modified organisam)
As usual chef Duminda promotes organic products. He spreads the message among’st the society of growing your own vegetables, fruits & herbs in your back garden. This way chef sends the message that everyone will have healthy and clean food always on their table.
If cooking is a hobby in the family, chef believes that it would bring a lot of new ideas to your own kitchen and will create
stronger bonds with your own loved one’s by trying to prepare dishes together, and sharing knowledge and idea’s.
Chef duminda is always welcoming new ideas & advice from all who love and want to promote our little island among all other countries  to keep our traditions of cooking alive for the new and now generation.