Chef Duminda Tour Of Torino ,Italy
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The Alphine Mountains

I was very honored & consider  this to be a great opportunity given to me by the slow food organization of Europe which was held in Turin.
Turin is located in the north west of Italy. Its surrounded on the western and nothern front by the Alps & on the eastern front by hill that is the natural prosecution of the hills of Monferrato.
Here i saw the beautiful Alph mountains & kept a pic for my album. A breath taking beautiful sight.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (19)
A beautiful sight in the morning. I managed to capture a moment from my hotel room. Great tourist destination & found the environment relaxing.

Pic taken around nine in the morning. Here the sun comes up pretty late.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (22)

My first experience in the cold. Since i come from a very warm country this was a great experience for me in a quick change of climate– from warm to cold…

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Here is a kind italian gentleman i met in Turin. Due to the language i was totaly lost. I felt as i was in the middle of no where. I had to use sign language many times to express my self &I know i would have made a great show for the people around me at those moments.

I only met people who spoke only italian, spanish or french…unfortunately for me…….i did not speak either one of those languages.

This kind man drove me a round to give a city tour of turin. I was very lucky to have met this gentleman.

I say a big thank you to him.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (8)

This area that i am , the surrounding is beautiful, fantastic weather, cold & sun shine it feels like i am breathing new air. An area filled with many restaurants for the fact that its a touristic city.Since i am a chef..i was curious of the food and had the opportunity to try some different dishes my self. Well i am off to see more of the city…….chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (6)
while i was passing thru this buildings, the first thing that came to my mind is…. how clean the city is. Its known that the architect focus on durability, beauty & utility of buildings he designs. Looking and watching the buildings its an example of good architecture. I noticed the ancient looks on some buildings. I admired everything i saw as it was a beautiful day for a nice tour in the citychef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure
Piazza carignano, well known mainly for the undulating ‘Concave – Convex – Concave’ baroque facade of Palazzo Carignano. This building was hosting the Italian Unification Museum. The square hosts as well the Teatro Carignano.

A very Unique historical building in the centre of turin. I was totally amazed with the view of the building so close.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (1)


Here I would like to  write a bit of what i learnt of this statue….
Emmanuel Philibert (in Italian Emanuele Filiberto; known as “Testa di ferro”, in English “Ironhead”, because of his military career; 8 July 1528 – 30 August 1580) was Duke of Savoy from 1553 to 1580. Born in Chambray, Emmanuel Philibert was the only child of Charles III, Duke of Savoy and Beatrice of Portugal to reach adulthood.


Here is the statue of Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia – Piazza San Carlo – Torina – Italy.


Emanuele F.S. fought to impose his rights as a claimant to the portugese throne. Emanuele F.S. spent his rule regaining what had been lost in the costly wars with france. A skilled political strategists, he took advantage of various squabbles in europe to slowly regain territory from both the french & spanish including the of Turin. He also purchased two territories. Internationally he moved the capital of the duchy from chambery  to turin and replaced latin as the duchy’s official language with italian. He was attempting to acquire the Marquisate of Saluzzo when he died in Turin. Later he was buried in the chapel of Holy shrouds of the turin catherdral.


chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (2)


One modern academic theory of religion social constructionism says that religion is a modern concept that suggests all spiritual practice and worship follows a model similar to the Abrahamic religion, as an orientation system that helps to interpret reality and define human beings.


When i saw this 1000 years old church it reminded me a bit of history in religion.


The view of this church reminded me of the holy city of Rome. Turin is a proud city with history & culture.


 A complete change in the atmosphere. i sat there for a while and admired the church as a building and all the people who walked in and out of the church. As Buddhist i felt i was looking at a painting that had been in the back of my mind for some time…….

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (3)

Here in this statue behind me, i saw a great piece of art. I noticed the facial expression & emotions in this statue.I was unable to get any information on this statue

but i found it really amazing and i remember there was water running at bottom of this statue. I admire the artist who built this statue…… Great work!

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (4)

This is a place in Turin, nothern Italy. It was a royal palace of the house of Savoy. It was modernized greatly by the french born madama reale, Christine Marie of france in the 17th century. The palace was worked on by Filippo Juvarra.
A beautifull square with plenty of history…..

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (9)
This is inside a church & amazing artwork that took my breath away…chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (5)

My Noon by the great artist Tobias Rehberger, is a large luminous clock that mark the hours in binary format was mounted in piazza castello. The first italian experience combining art and landscape through the use of light. Was lit up for the celebration of the 150th year of the unity of italy.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (11)

Here at back of me is the Mole Antonelliana – a 167M tall tower built between 1798 & 1888. Houses an excellent cinema museum. A lift takes you up for an expansive view of the city…chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (10)
Real beauty of inside of the Church…
chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (21)

A Open Kitchen in the city.which is famous for Farinata..i love that..wowing me

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (12)

A place i enjoyed sitting for a while. The most popular park in the city is the Parco del Valentino. In 1961 for the celebrations of italia 61(italian unification centenary)

an important international exhibition(FLOR61- flowers of the world in Turin) took place in the park with 800 exhibitors from 19 countries.
Other large parks are Parco delle Pallerina, Parco delle Pallerina, Parco delle Colletta, the Region park &  the university of botanical gardens. There  are plenty of parks & many parks are smaller and  are located in various districts.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (20)
Me and my friend laura we enjoy pesto and pinenut on our way to City center.A typical street food that originated from Genova- Liguria.

This is made with chickpea flour, water & extra vergine olive oil.
The name comes from chickpeas that in italian is called “Ceci”.
I enjoyed this dish with some pesto as the turins prepare.

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (13)
Palazzo Madama is a large historic building that now houses the collections of Museo Civico d’Arte Antica. This is at the centre of Turin..piazza castello.

The museum was set up in 1861 by the city of turin to bring together & house the heritage of Piedmont. Here you will discover the works of great artist & craftsman..which will help you understand the culture and artistic tastes of alpine and frontier region which was governed for six centuries by the Savoy dynasty. But there is more to the spirit of the museum: that of its great masterpieces and one that takes inspiration from the great international museums of applied arts…..

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (15)
Like every one else i needed a break from my buzy schedule…so i took a walk with my closest friends and sat down at bar for a nice cup coffee.

Everything edible  or drinkable in italy, coffee is serious business with strong regional identity. Caffes around here serves you all day.
They serve you breakfast, lunch and well as drinks and snacks. They are like a home from home ..only with more choices on the menu……

chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (16)
chef-duminda-best-chef-in-sri-lanka-2012-2013-2014-travel-to-italy-turin-torino-eyurop-sri-lanka-slow-food-youth-of-sri-kanka-sri-lankan-legend-recipes-menus-cooking-adventure (14)


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