Inauguration of Slow food Nuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka
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The slow food movement launched their new convivium in Nuwara Eliya & Eco Lanka Maussawa Estate a couple of days ago. The founding member for slow food Nuwara eliya convium  and
co-ordinator for Sri lankan Youth slow food  network , Chef Duminda worked very hard to make this project a success & this is going to be one of the healthy slow food organizations ever launched in Sri Lanka.
With the tremendous help of the villagers, farmers & all facilitators Chef Duminda has been able to take the message to the public of the importance in having clean & healthy food.
For the event the chef took the time to walk in the the village to gather the vegetable to create some unique dishes of his own. He was able to spread his magic among the villagers and amaze everyone with his own easy & stylish food creations. Here are some of the dishes at the event.

1.Steamed kurakkan roti with stuffed manyokka and lunumiris.
A very ancient preparation that brings back to the community the art of good eating. He used organic yam to prepare this dish.

2. Wood apple and curd mousse with sun dried sour bananas
Another lovely dessert that could be made at a very low cost. The sun dried banana was used as alternative for plums. An easy dessert by the chef and he used the sri lankanark of taste..”Kitul Trical” for sweetening.(the chef uses only pure kitul trical in all his dessert recipes for sweetening)

3. Sweet and sour chicken with Kitul trical and thabu kola.
This is another one of chefs amazing creations, a sweet dish b’cos kitul trical is used in this. Tabu leaves are the other ingredient used in this dish, which has been blended with the chicken. These leaves are used mostly as a sambol, but the chef showed or introduced another way to consume tabu leaves. Coconut vinegar has been used to give the sourness to the dish and no other artificial flavors added. With the right blends of ingredients the originality of the dish can be protected.

4 Braised suwandal with chicken ..

Suwandal is an ancient type of rice that yet exist in sri lanka.
The chef wanted to give this rice a flavor by preparing chicken stock and cooking the rice with it. More arabics use this method in cooking rice & the chef opened a path to all in thinking of our ancient style recipes to prepare their healthy meals.

Mr.Roger Abeyagoonesekera is the president of the slow food nuwara eliya & his aim is to take the message of good food culture among all small farmers & farm holders.
Ms. Fiona Raymond  as vice president; she tries to combine good & healthy food with meditation.
Chef Duminda; As founding member,. always believes & do his utmost to promote good & healthy food recipes., And he wants to pay more attention on the farmers who cultivates rice & vegetables.

We convey our special thanks and gratitude to madam . Claudie  & mr. Bastian from france,.for they have been a pillar of strength to us in making this event a reality. They will be the co-ordinators between sri lanka & france..

We wish the new convivium – nuwara eliya the very best & hope to see it blossoming with new members.

Article by - sharon la’brooy