Sausage,salami and Prawn Pizza
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 Pizza origins from Italy, from the province of Napoli. We Asian do love to have pizza & i love to prepare pizza as well. In Sri Lanka we have pizza huts & other fast food outlets that we can buy pizza from, but i like you all to try making your own pizza at home. Since we love to spice up all our food i recommend you to try my recipe and leave your comments.

Total Time:
          25 min
           15 min
           10 min
4 potions


  1. take a pizza dough,and roll it in semolina surface.
  2. saute chicken sausages and slice in to thin slicers.slice the salami,and grilled peel prawns and keep a side
  3. lay some tomato concasse on the doungh,make it smooth,arrange all items on top,
  4. put mossaralla cheese on top with some basil leaves
  5. heat the pizza oven by the time u take to do the mis -un – plaze
  6. heat 300 c and put the pissa and cook for high heat for 5 minutes.
  7. take of f the oven,add some olive oil on top,and send it to the table.


Please try to use fresh tomatoes and other vegetables as you prefer without msg for artificial flavor & i suggest you add the cheese few minutes before the pizza is ready to avoid it burn.

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