Thai Beef Green Curry with spicy Noodles
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 Now a days Thai dishes are becoming very famous around Asia & most of the sri lankans enjoy thai cuisine. Due to the numerous requests by my fans, today i introduce you a famous thai beef dish.  Try it at home and let me know your comments…


Total Time:
            40  min
              15 min
              25 min
          3 potions


  1. Heat a little of the oil in a large pan and brown the beef in batches
  2. In the meantime, in a mini chopper or food processor, whizz half the coriander, the chopped lemongrass, garlic, chillies and galangal with the rest  of the oil until you have a rough paste.
  3. Heat the paste for a few mints in a pan  & then add the beef and all ingredients, excluding the rest of coriander and lime juice.
  4. Cook the beef on low fire for 30 min or until the meat falls off the bone(cooked well).
  5. once the beef is cooked add the coconut milk
  6. season with salt and pepper
  7. you can butter fry the noodles separately.


recommend to use beef fillet for this dish & if the meat is tender the dish will end up deliciously.


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