Stuffed snack gourd with fish and potatoes
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 This is a combination of east west cooking.any sri lakan used snack gourd for there recipes,this is one of healthy vegetable cooked with some modification.why dont you thy this recipes.enjoy our chef work.

Total Time:
           30 min
            2o min
            10 min
2 potions


  1. clean the bottle gourd ,wash and keep in separately.mean while get thinks ready to  past
  2. heat the oil,add the boiled and mash fish flakes in to the pan,make in to a smooth past .add some chilis and chopped fennel into the filling.
  3. let the filling to get cool,after stuffed into the bottle gourd pieces
  4. mean while make the curry sauce,
  5. and add the snack gourd prices  in to the curry sauce and cook in slow fire for 3 minutes
  6. finally serves as in the picture.add the curry sauce on top.and garnish as such.

this is a easy and creation by our chef.but you are free to some changers.if u need.spicy gravy is ideal for the dish.