New Year Gift to Sri Lankan Public from Chef Duminda
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Chef Duminda launched his new year gift of a recipe book with very significant & delicious recipes to all his fans & to all food lovers around the world, with the help of his team. In this book, there are contributions from Sri Lankan chef’s in Australia & Singapore.
Chef Duminda is a well known celebrity, popular figure on tv & the founder of Nuwara Eliya convivium for slow food international. He has always dedicated his time to promote clean and healthy food in the community of sri lanka & around the world in his own style.
As a part of his effort he made this book public to everyone, by introducing traditional recipes for the festive season( The Sinhalese tamil New year) he combines the sri lankan style of food with the slow food, which he think is running parellel & blend well. He tries to invite the youth in joining the slow food convivium to better our traditions equally.
The site is a famous site that is highlighting the similarites of sri lankan traditions along with the slow food movement. And they promote the new book for the singhalese new year through the net.
The comment made by the Co-Founder of Mr. Pradeep indika kariyawasaum  ” this is a great opportunity to join the chef in promoting our traditional cooking and bringing them back into our culture one more time to stay for ever”
The Chef would like to thank all who had given their best in promoting this book & all the sponsors for their great support to make this book a success.

Thank you to everyone all though not mentioned each person by name. I am very happy to make one of my dreams come true with the help of you all.