Celebrate the New year 2013@ Richmond College galle
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The sinhala new year is getting closer day by day. To celebrate the new year, Richmond college galle has organized a special event to there students . The main focus in this event is to highlight all our traditions during the festive season. All teachers & parents are invited to join with us for this special occasion.
At this event we try to bring back all traditional aurudu games and the traditonal dishes for the aurudu season. There are so many sweet cakes that is fading away from our society where we can only buy them at the super market, And games we see only on a documentary programe on TV.
We have to bring all our traditions back into light so our new generation would know and try to preserve them. For this we need to educate our younger generation with the help of schools and parents. we encourage any emails with proposals to take place at this event aiming all school children. we appreciate all your comments/proposals.
Chef Duminda will be joining this programe as a parent, so he takes this opportunity to educate and bring back some of our cooking traditions during the aurudu season.
Special thanks goes out to the Richmonds College Galle, Principle Mr. E.M.S Ekanayaka and Deputy Principle Mr. Gamani Jayawardana for making this event possible.