ASMI – Traditional Sri lankan Sweet
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this is  another traditional sri lankan recipe.lot of skills involved in this too. many sri lankans do such recipe during the festival season.
  • 500 g Rice flour
  • Dawul kurundhu leafs
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup trical
  • oil for frying
Total Time:
        2 hr 3 min
        2 hours
        3 min
10 potions


  1. Mixed the rice flour and coconut milk together and make a thick sauce
  2. Pound the Dawul kurundhu and take the juice of it
  3. Mixed the Dawul juice with flour mixture
  4. Heat the oil add the think sauce in to the oil as it in the vedio
  5. fry both sides,and fold in to one
  6. after 2 hours fry it for the second time,add the sugar or kitiul trical to eat

you are free to use any kind of thick sweet sauce in the top of the should be think sauce.i used here some kitul trcal. when u fry for the second have to be very careful with the oil temperature