Moung Karali
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this is one of famous sri lankan sweet for new year.many people do not mis to prepir this.season sweet not so easy lot of skills involved in this.enjoy our chef’s Recipe.
  • 250 g green gram flakes
  • 1 rice flour
  • 1 Kithul trecle
  • some cordamom
  • oil
  • batter
  • 1/2 tsp Tiumatic powder

Total Time:
1 day 10  min
1 Day 
10 min
30 potions  


  1. take the pot add the treacle  and bring it to boil.and add the moun flour in to it mixed well,fallow with cardamon
  2. add the tice flour and mixed in slow fire.cook for some time in slow can feel the past is getting thick
  3. take off the fire,lay on to a oiled tray.make in to think layer.
  4. allow to cool over night,and cut in to diomond shap,Take a nother pan,add the oil,
  5. mean while make a batter to deep the mong past,
  6. Deep the moung past in the batter until golden brown.

This is ideal sri lakan sweet for spacial  occasions.lot of oil involved in such sweets.and way this is better to have time to time.