Fish & Vegetables in Mustard Sauce
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In this Recipe we Have used mainly sri lankan aromatic Mustard.and mainly this is mustard flavoed.ideal for dinner with some tomato or yellow rice.low costed recipe and easy of prepration
  • 100 g fish
  • 1 onion
  • 25 g Garlic chopped and flaked
  • 5 Green chili
  • 1 no potato sliced
  • some beans
  • 3 tsp mustard past
  • 100 ml vegetable stock
  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • salt and pepper
  • chopped spring onions
Total Time:
            30 min
             15 min
             15 min
3 Portions


  1. take a pan ,add the bit of oil,put garlic onion and saute,fallow with green chilli,beans and cook.add few drops of vegetable and cook till bean get cook.
  2. add mustard on in to the pan mixed well.take of the fire and keep a side
  3. Mean while cook the potatoes in another pan,keep a side.
  4. Add oil in to a pan, fallow with fish cubes,saute for one or two minutes in high heat,reduce the heat and cook gently.
  5. fallow with potatoes,then the mustard sauce with beans.
  6. add coconut milk in to the fish and vegetable mixture,correct with seasoning.
  7. finally add some chopped spring onion on top.

Do not over cook the fish,you are free to add the level of mustard.try use less oil.many people do use lot of Msg in this kind of dishes,but i do not Recommended  to do so.