Travel with Chef Duminda – Jaffna
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At 3.30 am 15.08.2011 I have started Unforgettable journey in my life.sometime a ago, it was a Dream.But now it’s real.In 35 years of  history first time I got a chance  to go, thanks god to have this trip.



As a Proud Sri lankan I’m So happy with the  Opportunity  which I got.That’s to do a Cookery Demonstration to  Thalsewana Holiday Resort – Jaffan.So 15 to 19 th we had a workshop to Thalsewana team.I would say they are very creative and very hard working team.

Visit to Thalsewana and get the real experiences of the  Sri Lankan Hospitality.

Now Jaffna is a town with peace.I have seen people move freely and happily.I have talk to some of youth in jaffna.what they told me,was war expecting this peace from long time.and they don’t want to bring the bitter past again.what i understand after all we are human being.No matter the religion and nationality is. I would to  say jaffna is better then Colombo.But i saw the security forces doing a great job there  area.

Life bring back to then.every body work on there feature.Seems to me there was no war in all times.And no longer the Tamils are enemy.they are part of us.with out them no body can make a identity of this mother land.


During my journey first i visited to Nagadeepa.this is recognize land mark in jaffna peninsula.majority of the people they believe Budddha visited to nagadeepa in his second visit to the country.and it written  in mahawansaya too.the interesting part is all boats sailing to nagadeepaya is belongs to Tamil people.and it feels me there is not misunderstand between Buddhist and Tamil riligons. that is a good sine,we all as one in jaffna.I would say this is re-carnation.

After my next stop was to have and the major Buddihika went to small camp which is put up to give the security to punkudathiv area.time at about 9.00 am. wow..amazing as a chef i highly appreciated the milk rice ,fish and katta sambol .


And there are nearly 40 in this small camp.mostly there duties war to give the security  to road blocks.they are real hero’s i feel that many time’s during the journey.if they don’t, I;m Sure Still i don’t get a chance to go  Nagadeepaya. luck turns in my way after 35 years.I never being to Jaffna in my life.

After Small Break turn to start my journey back.we war planing to go to see The place Major General Densil Kobbakaduwa died.1994 General and many High official to Sri lankan forces got court to Barbarian LTTE cedars.It was a big devastation for all of us. I Pay my tribute soon i get there. what life can turn on.with in a flash one of great header lost to this country.this are the thinks came to mind.But now all Over.time to come back from the grass..But Who ever come to this point never forget bitter past.I pray him to get nirvana.


It is a Deseret area.I can imagine the treat which  had at that way out.

Then from there Major take me to one of historical Kovil,and to many historical   places.


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