Calamari Kebab with spicy Tamarind sauce
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Sri lanka is a country you find lot of seafood.and calamari commonly find around sri lanka. we love to do easy and healthy recipes to our fans.this is ideal to use as a main course.
Total Time:
  40 min
  25 min
  15  min
2 potions


  1. Marinate the calamari with salt,pepper and lymol.and keep a side.
  2. make the skewers and pan fry the calamari both sides in to golden brown
  3. Take a another pan and make the tamarind sauce
  4. Add the cups of water to a pot with the tamarind and cook for ten minutes, while stirring. Stir and add the chili powder, salt, cumin powder, ginger, and brown sugar and on a medium heat, boil and stir until the sugar melts. This will take an additional seven minutes. If you like your sauce thick, reduce the flame a bit to let it thicken, and then take it out and strain. Leave the pulp to the side
  5. Don’t let the sauce heat for too long, as it thickens when cool as well. Ad three ice cubes and stir. Garnish with lime juice to taste and make thin slices of the lime’s skin and sprinkle the sauce

This an easy recipe which use very less oil.ideal to use olive nut burn the skewers.and ideal to cook at the last minute.

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