Sri Lankan Food Festival in Mysore – India
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For the first time in history, a Sri lankan culinary promotion took place at one of the most historical places in India known as Mysore and which also happened to be the first visit of chef Duminda to this city.

chef Duminda  happened to hold the sri lankan culinary festival at hotel Quorum  in Mysore for 2 days. It was totally a new experience to people from Mysore who will never forget that exotic sri lankan event that took place then.
Chef Duminda crafted some traditional sri lankan dishes and also took sri lanka’s cooking tradition around.
fish ambulthialk,polos ambula,ambralla maluwa,sinhala acharu,watalappam and kalu dodol was some of highly recommended dishes at the time.
At the quorum,there were also sri lankan musicians that made the event even more eye catching which enlivened the spirits of the guests.
We would like to thank Mr Henzil Saldanha and the management of the quorum to have organized such a memorable event on a high note.
Last but no the least ,Chef Duminda also would like to thank the Public of Mysore for this great hospitality and affection.