Travel with Chef Duminda – Parwathi Hills -Pune India.
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It was a cloudy evening in Pune..i was rushing my self to go to Parwathi hills,which is one of the best tourism destinations in India and a well preserved heritage site by the state of Maharashtra. Surrounded by the great city of Pune,the majestic temple complex lies on top of the 640 ft tall hillock.Being constructed during the Peshwa dynasty of the mighty Maratha empire,the temple has direct links with the great castle and fort of Shaniwar wada,Pune.
There is one Devdeveshwar temple on the hill and other temples of Lord Kartikeya, Vishnu and Vitthal,all who are respected and worshiped generations after generations. Every temple has a place in the history of the Maratha empire.There is a small museum too,where you can witness bits and glimpses of the ancient Peshwa dynasty,which the temple complex was built.
The amazing natural beauty of the mystic surroundings captured my eyes and mind once i headed towards the top of the was a non tiring climb of 103 big shallow steps,which is the way to the top of the hill where the temple is situated.the amazing tidiness and unpolluted environment amazed me,not a single item of trash was to be seen nearby! With the setting sun in the background we could see the whole Pune city getting blended with darkness.
The cold evening breeze kept us comfortable throughout the climb, and we spent more than a hour on top of the hill.few other devotees or mere nature lovers were wondering about admiring the beautiful landscape.We came to know that the hill itself is also used as an observation spot of the beautiful panorama for tourists.The sun was slowly setting behind the great city of Pune,painting clouds in pink,orange and grey.were the mighty kings of Peshwa dynasty also relaxing up in these hills watching the sunset..the thought came eventually to my mind.
Who would ever imagine many beautiful tourist destinations like this are hidden in the heart of India unknown to us..i recommend you to visit and enjoy the beautiful Parwathi hills too someday,you wont be disappointed,that’s guaranteed!