Adventure Cooking Program all Food lovers ,Soon TV
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First time in sri lankan history an adventure cooking program was taken place at bolgoda lake.
Adventure cooking is a very new program & this will be telecasted on one of our famous tv channels soon.
As usual our famous chef duminda is the first chef in adventure cooking.
This is a program which is highly aimed or focused on our youth. Adventure is a key to divert youths attention or raise an eye brow. This program is a new launch in the industry of cooking.
If we switch on our tv at home..we can find many various cooking demos taking place. Unfortunately in same style and manner. Eventually viewers loose interest in recipes offered to them in the same pattern.
With the interest of increasing the enthusiasm in our cookery lovers, where they can try and find all adventures in cooking. .we are launching this new program in cooking called “Adventure Cooking”. Through our new program we focus on giving affordable recipes to all our food lovers.
So we aim at our youths since this is an adventure cooking program.  Adventure can be through sports,  travelling and even over coming challenges in cooking.  There could be many more…which is not mentioned here. As example preparation of your own food while travelling. .such as a simple BBQ…..would be a challenge. .
In this program we are planning to come up with new ideas and methods in cooking.
Our chef duminda is willingly taking up this challenge and he is ready to take this new adventure cooking style all over in sri lanka and blend sri lankan traditional cooking in adventure cooking to keep our tradition a live.