My Sri Lankan Kitchen with Lymol workshop @ Ella Gap Hotel
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The newly opened Ella Gap Hotel & Monty Super is promoting sri lankan cookery demos for foreigners. This demo is conducted by chef duminda with the theme of “ My sri lankan Kitchen with Lymol” This program will be sponsored by lymol.

This promotion is taking place for five days and the first day a group of guests at Ella Gap hotel cooked with chef duminda. This was an interesting demo for foreigners as they were able to prepare six sri lankan dishes in two hours time. It was a lot of fun for the guests as it was the first time they had this experience to do an asian dish.

The program became more interesting when there were many people who joined in the demo  from the Monty & there were many who dropped by to enjoy this special event.

Finally the guests and the chef prepared Fish Mirisata(Malu mirisata),Dhall, Beans, Egg Plant(brinajal Pahi), bitter gourd sambol & few more dishes.

This whole event was sponsored by Lymol & chef duminda demonstrated many ways or methods in using lymol in our dialy dishes & the entire event was organzed by the Ella Gap Hotel. There will be more cookery demos in the next days ahead at the new Ella Gap Hotel.