Travel to Seetha Amman Temple
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Seetha Eliya is one of the famous tourist destinations in Sri Lanka  and in India because of its great historic value and its direct connections with the common religion of both countries.


Today I made a visit to Seetha Kovil as I had not visited it for quite a long time, I left from Ella Gap Hotel one of the best and well recognized hotel in Sri Lanka. It is situated in a location that is close to the most visited places in Sri Lanka by almost all people who visit this beautiful country.


Ashok Vathika the location in which Sitha was held captive by the king Ravana in Sri Lanka..

I have made many visits to these temples and participated in their curriculums

It is believed by the locals to have the power to perform miracles and help people have their wishes made come true.

With other many values as of the facts mentioned above there are many historic places that are great to visit especially the Seetha Amman temple.

So if you visit Sri Lanka Seetha Amman Temple is a must visit! And so are the other places if it is possible.