Legend of Sri Lankan Cookery on his Tour to Sultans of Oman
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The food Festival that started on 24th Oct. which will continue until the 2nd of November at the Crowne Plaza Salala-Oman is spoken around widely these days in Oman.
With the main event of the evening.. the cuisines are prepared by the  most popular Chef Duminda & his team from Sri lanka who were present especially for the occasion.
This event is held at the hotels beach side Dolphin Restaurant with 40 sri lankan dishes everyday.
With the atmosphere of sri lankan live music it’s highlighted as one main attraction for the tourist who are amazed by the talent,skill and  the beautiful rythem of music created by our musicians.
With words of the Sri lankan Ambassador to the sultanate saying “Oman and Sri lanka have many things in common
both are coastal countries and love different varieties of fish and rice.. i am happy to see people
queuing up for different food items prepared by chefs flown to Salalah from Sri lanka this will be a great opportunity to engage with the local communnity. The exhibition will boost our cultural and trade bonds,” he said.
Many tourist said that the event was very relaxing and helped them to feel more at peace and to forget about their rigorous work routine. Manue Levonian the genaral manager of the Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah said “this is the first Sri lankan food Festival in Salalah. Everyday we are offering 40 new cuisines and in 10 days there would be 400 Sri lankan Specialities for our guests”.
Here our most popular Chef Duminda a renowned name in Sri lanka the chef with the magical ability to blend foods of the east and west & is also known for his gourmet recipes of healthy and nutritive cooking is taking all the tourist and the locals by suprize with his amazing dishes offered to all every evening at the crowne plaza.
Chef Duminda promotes organic food and is an organizer and member of a drive called “Slow food Movement” a movement to stop the use of non organic products in other words the food commonly known as “fast Food”.
The Chef was amazed to find all sri lankan ingredients at the Salalah, and some ingredients which is so rarely found in lanka.
We see our bonds with oman with the similar food habbits and we hope for a stronger engagement with Oman in promoting our own food items.
We as sri lankan’s are proud of our Chef who always tries to promote sri lankan food culture around the world. His main theme is promoting our food with no artifical flavours & promoting all healthy clean food to all around the world.
We admire your hard work CHEF DUMINDA…we wish you and your team all good luck.