Bathiya and Santhush Enjoying New Creations of Juices @ Sirasalindaya
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It was another beautiful morning for the chef to start his cooking prg at sirasa alindaya. He was prepared to present two dishes/recipes to everyone in the kitchen of sirasa alindaya.
On this day the chief guests  for this prg. was the popular and talented young artists Bathiya & Santush. The chef prepared the juice first ..banana & lime juice and presented to the chief guests. This recipe is the chefs own creation.  The juice was highly appreciated by the guests artists and Bathiya said…the juice tasted like soursop juice.
The programme is presented by Sameera & Juliet. The chef is always happy to share his ideas with everyone around the country and the past two weeks sirasa alindaya cooking prg has becom the most popular event on sirasa tv.