Rupantharana Film Crew test Chef Duminda,s food @ Sirasalindaya
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It was another wonderful day at siriasalindaya with Chef Duminda. He will be introducing another couple of his own creations and this would be the first time he demonstrates to the public through media.

He will be doing another juice and vegetable puffs today. For the first time the he will be using tumeric powder in the juice.

Sirasa invited three special guests on the show today for trying the new recipes. Rupantharana film director Nalaka withanage and main actor Amila   the main actress & Mr. Senalie. They all tried the juice the chef had prepared and had positive responses.

The second dish was the vegetable puffs. Here the chef used the vegetable mostly from the villages. Like Kabaranka & kohila. He used puff pastry and some cumin seeds to top it. This was tasted by one of the lecturer at the Kalaniya campus.

With Sameera and Juliet, the chef makes this prg. full with fun, laughter & education. This is another new chapter open to all by the chef with the help of sirasa tv.