Stuffed kurakkan roti
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kurakkan flour take sri lankan history to 5000 i used kurakkan flour to my stuffed here we have used yellow fin tuna as the filling.this flour contain lot of i recommended you to add some weat flour to the dough.lets try the recipe now

Total Time:
40 min
15  min
25  min
5 portions


  1. Take a a bowl,add the flour,weat flour,grated coconut and make a smooth dough
  2. chopped the fish and keep a side,heat the pan add some oil,saute onion,garlic till golden brown in slow fire.fallow with fish.cook the fish for 8 minutes in show fire.add the chopped spring onion and mixed and allow past to cool
  3. brak the daugh in to small balls,and make in to sheet,add the fish past on top,cover with a another sheet.cut in to ceyliner shapes.and grilled on a pan in show fire
  4. cut grilled roti in to half and served with white curry.

in here you are free to used any kid of filling.and when you make the dough make share to add wheat frour.if you used only kurakkan flour there are lot of possibilites to break the roti

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