White fish in tomato gravy
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In here we used bolla fish,known as bigeye sacde based used as tomato and coconut gravy. famous in sri lankan domestic houses.easy recipe too. typically cooked this fish curry in claypot. used slow cooking method in here. spicy preparation too.

Total Time:
          35 min
           15 min
           20 min
4 potions


  1. Clean the fish and cut in to half and keep a side.mean while take a clay pot and heat it
  2. add oil,saute onion ,garlic ginger and curry leaves in a show fire,add the chopped tomatoes and green chillis and mixed well.
  3. add tumaric,chilli and coriander powder with fenugreek seeds,fallow with coconut milk and stir the gravy, continuously till cooked.
  4. keep the fish in the middle of the gravy,reduce the heat and cook for another 5 minutes and turn off.cover with a lid and keep

you are free to use any kind of fish in this tomato gravy.and spicy level can be change according to you requirements. make sure once you add coconut milk keep on string till it cook.

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