Kabsa Rice
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This is the first Arabic dish ever. and tasty and rich in flavors, and but of oily. kabsa must served with some salad. and today we are going to give you how Shanee Fonseka prepir kabsa rice. no any flavoers  bing used in here.

Total Time:
            55 min
            20 min
            35 min
3 potions


  1. take a bowl,mixed pepper,salt,chilli powder with chicken and keep a side.
  2. Meanwhile take the blander,add onion,tomato coriander leaves,garlic and ginger and bland it to a smooth paste. mixed 1/2 of the past with the chicken and other half keep a side.
  3. add some butter,add some onion,ginger,tomato,bay leaf,coriander leaves and saute for some time.
  4. heat some water add the marinated chicken in to it and blanch it for 5 minutes.and drain of it and keep the stock separately.
  5. now add the rice in to the chicken stock and saute tomato onion mixture   cook for a while.
  6. meanwhile fry blanched chicken in hot oil.
  7. served to the table with green salad and tomato onion salad.

In this recipe there are lot of advance preparation.do not over coo the rice.inset of tumaric you are free to use pinch of safrron here.

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