Reef fish ( Gal maalu)
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Reef Fish another famous dish around the world. In Asia many people love reef fish and known to be a bit expensive in price. This fish is has alot of thin bones, the flesh is very soft and this is categorised in white fish. The Red Snapper, White snapper & Barakuda are some of the known varieties that falls in this category. The fish industry is a very huge market around the world.

You can prepare many dishes with Reef Fish. In Sri lanka we call reef fish as ” Gal Maalu” Very healthy for kids, rich with all nutrients and not forgetting calcium  too
In the city of Galle , “Gal Maalu”  is prepared as “Braized fish in chillie” which is called in singhalese as ” Gal maalu miris hodda”
The chef always try to prepare a dish with reef fish in his healthy cooking.

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