Chef Duminda is one of the chefs who expand the horizon of culinary art in Sri Lanka -Madhu
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Dear Friend,

In this post you can see the comment which gicen by the fans.we are going to give you lot of videos and fan images of  Chef Duminda.and so happy to have such wonderful Back born of Fans around Duminda.

This is i world Say Peoples Chef,Ever produce By Sri lankan Public.

My Hat’s off for you………………

Here you can see what Miss Sashikala Punchihewa has wrote to Sri Lankan Gurdian About Chef Duminda




by Nancy Fernando on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 5:51pm

Once upon a time, in a village deep south in an Island called Sri Lanka, a little boy was born.  His grand parents were well to do but his parents and their siblings squandered their inheritance and so little Gamunu had a tough life right from the start. However this little boy was very ambitious and was determined to make something of himself, something big, something outstanding. When he grew up he decided to go into the hospitality business, so he made his way to Colombo and got a job washing dishes in a restraunt. He collected enough money to go to one of the schools of hospitality in Colombo. He suffered much as he could not speak English and all the boys and girls shunned him, but he was determined to show his calibre by studying hard and working in the evenings to supplement his income. He got through his first year in the school of hospitality with flying colours but unfortunately he had not enough money to go into the second year. Ganumu then left for the middle east where he worked for a year, collected enough money to finish the second and third year of his Diploma course. Off he went again this time to a hotel in  Dubai and there he worked under western chefs and learnt a lot from them. Meanwhile he studied the Engish language and though he could not write down his thoughts well he could make himself understood in good grammatical english. When he came home the second time he bought himself a piece of land and built a house for his parents. He then left to work in a luxury liner and improved himself even more and on one of his vacations he came home to get married. He now has his own website, does cookery demonstrations on Sri Lankan TV and once a month has a  whole page devoted to his cooking in one of the Sinhala newspapers. He has mixed with top brass in the military and even got an award from them for helping them when they were in desperate need for help in clearing a mess they got into and then was there to feed  four thousand people. He is at the prime of his life at the age of 35years and I wish him the best of luck for the future and  I promised him I  will be keeping watch on his future activites with keen interest.


 What Devika Jayasinha – tell’s about Chef Duminda

All the Duminda. All good wishes for you to become one of the best Chef’s Srilanka ever produced. Main thing is always you should always keep in mind like now in future also you should be accessible to the General Public who likes to contact you for various advise and with various problems they come across when cooking. Which is almost impossible with some of our popular chefs who appear in cookery programmes on TV.They think only of the TV programmes and the companies they represent and Not accessible to the General Public. They forget that they are there because of us. and treat us as a neusance.
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In my Blog always share my recipes & cooking experience. Today I thought of writing of a great personality I admire. He helped & helps me a lot in my cooking experiments, so it is worth writing a note about him. Simply he is a chef with a lot of local & foreign experience, a humble character & always he has a smile in his face. He is Chef Duminda Abeysiriwardana.

Here are my reasons why I like Chef Duminda.
1) Chef Duminda is an extremely hard working person, a good example for the others who wastes their time & blame to the government for their failure of everything.(as many Sri Lankans do) As I know, his past is not a smooth journey. He has come this much because of his determination & efforts. I admire that a lot.
2) He is accessible. Unlike other celebrities or recipe website owners in Sri Lanka, he is always willing to share his experience or reply to any of our difficulties found when trying a recipe. I was really surprised when I received a quick reply from him for a quarry regarding a recipe. Earlier I have asked few quarries from some others who shares Sri Lankan recipes, even they are not celebrities, but I didn’t get any reply. That is a main reason for me to start my own Blog thinking I can help the others regarding Sri Lankan cooking. But now I know Chef Duminda also does the same service to Sri Lankans. Chef;this is for you. Please continue the same style. Do not forget people around you with the increasing popularity.
3)I like his cooking style. Why I like? I was watching many TV programmes from few years. I want to say those demonstrators are good. But they always select a recipe to share which we need to buy all the ingredients, some we haven’t heard or may be it is really not matching with other Sri Lankan food. As most Sri Lankans need a typical meal everyday, it is not easy to try a separate dish which is not matching with the other dishes. But I have noticed that Chef Duminda’s recipes are always matching with typical Sri Lankan food. In his programmes he tries to introduce a new recipe, but using common ingredients. Also I can see a Sri Lankan signature in those international dishes he introduces. Therefore it is very easy to introduce his recipes to my family.
4)Chef Duminda actually knows what he talks about. Unlike many other cooking demonstrators, he explains the recipe well. My experience from Sri Lanka is, most of those celebrities talk 95% of nonsense & only 5% about the food. This is something I hate to see. We need to watch the television with mouth open to find the recipe. I am not criticizing the others. But I want to highlight Chef Duminda’s quality. Cant blame, they also follow the instructions of media owners. But so far, Chef Duminda doesn’t waste our time in his programmes.
5)Chef Duminda does a lot of social service to Sri lanka.He is not only a chef, he is a nature lover too.Also he does a lot charity work, sharing his knowledge with others, helping others to make their culinary journey a success etc.Is this cannot be a fact to admire him?
6) He is an informative person. He not only knows about cooking, but a well aware of things happening around the world. Just I would like to say he is an all rounder.
7) I like his food presentation style. As a chef he should know these things, that’s true. But I see some specialty in his presentation. I like it much. That is a main reason to start me to search his recipes & connecting with him via his Facebook page.
8) After all above, the most thing I like is, he is a humble person lives in a normal simple lifestyle. By talking with him I understood he is a simple person more than a celebrity. Is this not a thing to admire a person?
Seems I cannot stop writing, there are lots of things to write down. But I need to stop it now. If not Chef would think that I am over praising him. Oh no, I am not over admiring him. But I am a person who admires the right thing at the right time.
Here are the links that anybody contact him
His website:
His Fan page: Cook with Chef Duminda
Dear Chef Duminda, Thanks a lot for all your services to Sri Lankans. We need more chefs & more food bloggers, demonstrators who can spread Sri Lankan food around the world. But we have to start it from our country. First we need to spread this to our Sri Lankans. You have initiated it. Now it is time to make a further step. You have strength to that.
I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors!!
Here is one of my recipes I tried from him.
I wish Duminda aiya best of luck. Bring our Richmond college, Galle & Country Sri Lanka 1st in this world.

It was many years ago at number 1 boy school in this small island, Richmond College Galle. I was a small boy in grade 7. There was guy called Duminda Abeysiriwardane. We used to call him Duminda aiya. We were sacred to reach him even. I can remember we small boys were running away from him when he was stepping behind us. Because he was a very tough character. In fact he was the most toughest pupil in my father’s class. My father was his Sinhala Literature teacher.He was like gangster who we scared to talk about even. very very naughty guy with wonderful heart.
Above was my picture about the Chef Duminda when I was schooling.  in But it is a miracle, after many years he is the best chef in Sri  Lanka for year 2011 according to the Google surch . The way he was thinking is different from others, the way he was working is different. But no matter now anybody knows Chef Duminda. He came from Galle, lifted up his home city to the top and the school he studied. In my life he is one of the SIMPLEST MAN that I have ever seen in my entire life. I am so proud now because his efforts are to become Asia’s best chef.
We as young crowd must rally around him and say Country 1st. He always wanted to be a creative person. For me he is a hero in my life. The way they think is always encouraging me. I want all of my FB friends to follow him. It is worth have a person like him. We hardly find people like him. Iconic person, star person. I would invite all of my friends to visit his own web site . Also include him in your FB friends list. You would learn many things from him. He is a mobile University.
I wish Duminda aiya best of luck. Bring our Richmond college, Galle & Country Sri Lanka
1st in this world.

 What Sherima Cramer tells About Chef Duminda


God found you and He lift you high

Dear Once,

When I come to Facebook always I like to see nice cooking Imagers and Recipes from One Of Sri lankan         Chef. And his Great talents and ability make me very interest to see his profile. Looks to me One of Great talented young boy.

Chef Duminda everybody call him as peoples chef.And im so happy to here that,cos people love him, and very hard to get such a name Other than polition in sri lanka.but We are lucky to have such a wonderful young talent in sri lanka.

It tells me Chef Duminda is ready to take the challenge after chef Pabilis.and it will be a bright sine to all of us, the great sine of sri lankan culinary expiates.

And one time I have talk to him over the phone. And seems to me so simple person. And that is the uniqueness of him to climb up the ladder.

He love Sri lanka so much. and he is a hidden icon in Hospitality industry. And I have visited to his web site several occations.and he is really help me to  get wonderful recipes.

and His love for God and wanted to help people,He has lots of ideas to make his motherland proud

I pray to God to give you the wisdom you need so you can reach your goal

all the best

God be with you all ways


Chef Duminda is one of the chefs who expand the horizon of culinary art in Sri Lanka



I am so compelled all by myself, to write about Chef Duminda, specially known as Chef D or people’s chef. To be honest, it took such a long time to materialize it, than I expected.

Chef Duminda is one of the chefs who expand the horizon of culinary art in Sri Lanka. Young blood took over the place of existing chefs, within a very short time and led renewed interest in all the people who turn food into art. Booming TV shows gave the young chef an opportunity to talk to the Sri Lankan food lovers.

Across the country who loves cooking, taking the food preparation so serious and as a nation that loves to eat, we hold food, and the people who prepare it, close to our hearts. That’s how chef Duminda became the people’s chef. He had revolutionized taste buds all over country, north to South, East to West. I highly appreciate his effort, taken by chef Duminda to impress foreigners with the unique taste of Sri Lankan traditional food.

Chef Duminda can impress his high-end customers and traditional food lovers with his professionalism, dedication and exceptional food. He always offers a well-rounded selection and he executes meals with perfection considering the texture, color, nutrition’s, taste etc.

As a friend, as a person who is in the same industry and a fellow southerner I would love to say, that chef Duminda is a outstanding character who would be ready to accept challenges, think out of the box, young, creative and energetic. I wish him all the success on his future.



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