Lake House Paper Interview with Chef Duminda
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Dear Love Once,

I would say now is the time to work North and East. because Once i come to Eastern Provence i can see How Much effort Needed to Develop Tourism In this areas.Now the 30 years of war come to an end.And i can see fast development in this areas.and i saw lot of Hotels coming up, it says me we image a wonderful tourism destination.and millions Of Restaurants Give the change of the life style of Local Tamil,Sinhala and Muslim people.

I says There is no more was in this areas.and it is a change of generations to generation

Now is time for Us to work with this communities.and they want to be some think in this country too. So this is the time we all have to work with locals in North and east.share our ideas.

So Now im in East.i came here to work and share my telnet, Knowledge with my fellow Sri lankans.I Can stay in Colombo easily, but that is not the real effort being human being.I choose the Hard part all the time.It make my self happy too.No matter how much Money you Invest for a Hotel.We need to train professional Staff  in North and East.When you go for that.this areas will develop like a flash.So I like to invite All Hoteliers this is your time to work North East.come and train your friends for Tourism industry.

It will take Country First in Tourism…



Chef Duminda