Manyokka Roti with Lake fish thick curry
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This is One of  traditional way of preparing lake fish in Ampara area.and tomato cut of the grass flavor of the Fish.and normally this villagiean have used this fish with roti or rice.and Manyokka roti is one of famous in Eastern province.This thick curry they used for Dinner and Lunch.Try this recipe you will feel the efferent of the food flavor

  • 200 g Lake fish
  • 2 no   red onion
  • 1 no green chilli
  • 2 no  Clove of Garlic chopped
  • 1   tsp  roasted powder
  • 1 no Tomato½ tsp cumin seedsCurry leaves,rampe,clovesSalt and paperManyokka roti 

    200 g    Flour

    50g    grated Coconut

    Onion,green chillis, chopped

    100g   boiled manyokka

    Water according to requirement

Total Time:
40  min
15 min
25  min
2 potions


  1.  Wash the fish and cut in to big pieces
  2. Chopped the red onion  and Garlic
  3. Heat the clay pot. Add all ingredients and sauté for a while and place the fish on the pot.
  4. Reduce the heat and allow cook for long time.
  5. Finally add the tomato allow cook for few minutes more
  6. At last add salt and pepper
  7. Ready for the table.
  8. Manyokka rothiMake coconut roti dough, roll into thin slices.Keep the boiled manyokka in the middle.Cover from a other layer

    Grilled on hot plate. For few minute.

when you choose,you have to get fresh not use too much.tomatoes.then it will give like tomato curry flavor.

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