Rice & Curry from – Perl of Indian Ocean
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Sri Lanka known as Indian Ocean .such a lovely word bring whole values of this Small Island.

And Sri lanka is very famous for Rice and curry preparation,each Provence have there own style of cooking culture.and Rice is the main meal of our county.with two or three curry it make you are in dream world.

Why Sri lankan rice and curry is so testy

Our Grand parents make rice and curry with lot of love and care.and never forget to use fresh spices.they  bland lot of spices most of the time.because  spices you can find very easily in here

and the methods of cooking it gave me the a another sing to deliver high quality food.

in western cooking we learn 16 method of cooking.after my research about history of sri lankan cooking.we found in anction  sri lankan used smiler methods too.


we do lot of smoking dishes,when they get extra fish stocks,sri lankan people smoked there fish and kept for the feature.

Boiling used when they make dry fish.and normal day today meal preparations

steaming even steaming is very famous as well.when we make pittu, we do steaming even in string hoppers also the same.they always used bamboo mats for the steaming methods.

stewing  is very famous in sri lanka.we do lot of fish stew with mustered in down south in sri lanka

blanching even the same we do blanch different green leaves here before used for curries and mallum.

Brazing we used for our meat preparation.braving is very famous in inland of sri lanka.

Pot roasting is also well known sri lankan preparation for fish abulthial

like that many method used in our rice and curry preparation.and nomaly we do a well balance and healthy meat for lunch.

Red rice ,fish ,and two vegetable curries and green leaves mallun with pickle or jadhi make balance apiting  meal.and spices make major role in our cooking.

and still we keep wonderful rice and curry in villagers.

Many tourist who, vist this beautiful magical island.naver forget to have sri lankan rice and curry during there stay.

through my experience for last 20 years.i found we are the best and high stranded of culinary skills in Asia.

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