Discover How to Blend Sri Lankan Flavors in World Cooking Industry


Work strongly with the community To share the knowlage.and up life the slandered of Healthy meals, Discover Our History of Cooking, Bring Back Sri Lankan own Identity in Cooking Industry. And make Sri Lanka as Wonderful Food Culture in South East Asia


Hello to all My Friends,

Welcome to the website. Let me introduce myself and say something about me.

It was my dream and ambition to be a Chef someday in my life – Not a ‘run of the mill’ Chef but to be a unique Chef. I have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to achieve what I wanted to do in life.

My Name is “Duminda Abeysiriwardena” better known as ‘Chef Duminda’. I was born in 1975 in Galle. From the childhood I used to help my mother to cook. She used to turnout wonderful Sri Lankan meals, and she was my first Cookery teacher. Cooking was my hobby from my young days. When I became five years old I was enrolled in that great School Richmond College, Galle, to start a new chapter in my life. I was nurtured for fourteen years at my alma mater – mother Richmond. The traditions and discipline and the tutoring at Richmond built my self-confidence and taught me to face any challenge in life without fear. The many activities at Richmond built and enhanced my self-confidence and I am proud to be a Richmondite.

Having finished my school career I joined the Ceylon Hotel School & School of Tourism to do my professional studies. I was on my way to achieve my Dream to become a Professional Chef and to work in the Hospitality industry .I worked very hard for many years to make my Dreams come true. In 1999 my dreams came true and I started from the Basic level of cookery and progressed to Advanced level in professional cookery.

Soon after I finished my professional studies I left my country to work in Bahrain. When I was in the Middle East I gained lot of experience. After few years of working overseas I returned to Sri Lanka and worked in few reputable hotels. I got an opening to work in the Maldives. I have been in and out of the country for a while now.

After gaining much exposure and experience, I am now back home.  Now it is my dream to make this ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’ shine in the world of Cookery. I love to share my knowledge with my innumerable fans. I love nature and do research too in my chosen field to come up with something new every time.

After nearly three decades of a devastating war, the North and the East of the country has come alive and is brimming with enthusiasm. People look emancipated and breathe freedom; the smile on their faces tells it all.

It is time for all us to work together to bring this country back on track its track. Chef Duminda has now taken up the challenge to work in the East to boost the Sri Lankan hospitality industry in the East and the North. Chef Duminda is the Cooperate Chef for three Hotels in the North and the East. I want to help people to forget the terrible experience of the past and to bring a smile to people and make them happy.

Chef Duminda will introduce four new food products to the market with the help of local villagers. It is going to be something unique to the Eastern Province.

Chef Duminda wants to expand tourism to the local customers as well.

Currently Duminda is working for “Lehansa Management” as a Corporate Chef cum Manager Operations. Very soon he’ll be a Celebrity Cook.

Looking forward to serve to my country and her people; It will be my ultimate happiness in life.….….…